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About Sociologica

Sociologica. Italian Journal of Sociology online is a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year. The journal publishes theoretical, methodological and empirical articles providing original and rigorous contributions to the sociological current debate.

Founded in 2007 and published by one of the main Italian social sciences publishers, il Mulino, Sociologica is one of the first international journals of sociology published solely online.

The journal aims at:

  • debating sociologically relevant issues in an open way;
  • promoting sound intellectual exchange between different approaches within the social sciences, between different theoretical and methodological traditions and between different generations of scholars;
  • exploiting the potential of digital communication to advance active scientific exchange.

How to publish and collaborate with Sociologica

Call for papers
Reassessing sustainability

2001-2011 Changing Internet Politics

The journal welcomes proposals for all its main sections ("Essays", "Symposium", "Flashback", "Focus", "Forefront", "Book Reviews", "News") and is committed to provide timely responses about submissions (for articles within six weeks).

Since 2009 the journal publishes articles in English only. For the preliminary screening by the Editorial Board it is possible to submit papers in different languages. For the second step of the evaluation procedure (double blind peer review) the English version is required. Forefront and "News" propose articles in Italian if the contents are of prevailing national interest.

Articles submitted for publication ("Essays", "Flashback" or "Focus"), sent with an abstract to info.sociologica@mulino.it, should not being considered for publication by other journals and must contain unpublished findings.

Articles published in the section "Essays" are extensively commented by scholars of the specific branch of studies chosen by the Editorial Board in order to promote a debate among different positions. The authors of the Essays are invited to reply to these comments. Moreover, Sociologica organizes virtual meetings among the authors and groups of PhD students and researchers based in different countries ("Meet the author"). Transcriptions of these chats remain available to the registered readers.

The digital format allows more flexible features of the articles and a new potential channel of interaction with the readers. The length of the articles is not predetermined, provided that it is useful to the argument and usable to the reader. It is also possible to include hypertext link, also to multimedia contents, if essential to the article, and/or a methodological appendix. The (registered) readers are encouraged to send their comments on the articles published in the sections "Essays" and "Forefront".



Essays, Flashback, Focus
and Symposium

Matteo Bortolini (Managing editor)


Book Reviews

Rossella Ghigi



Massimiano Bucchi



Anna Carola Freschi



Manuela Naldini





Meeting the author

Yuri Kazepov



Giovanni Torrisi






Moris Triventi


Current research

Emanuela Mora



Marco Solaroli