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Call for papers, conferences, seminars.

Call for papers

Transnational Organized Crime: Italian Connections
dal 12-12-2011 alle 14:00 al 31-12-2015 alle 14:00
Anna Carola Freschi, December 12, 2011

Bilingual Conference

Transnational Organized Crime: Italian Connections

The American University of Rome - Department of International Relations

30-31 March 2012

Keynote Speaker: Professor Nando Dalla Chiesa, University of Milan

The American University of Rome's Department of International Relations will be hosting a two-day international conference focusing on Italy’s current roles within transnational organized crime networks and the on-going attempts to weaken these through legislation, enforcement and grassroots activism.

The conference aims to provide a forum for academics, policymakers and operators in the field to discuss issues of common concern. There is a constant need both to examine the evolving social contexts within which organized crime operates and to evaluate the political, economic and social costs of the globalization of this phenomenon in a country which has a long history of powerful mafias with their own international ramifications. There is a large amount of research on Italy’s crime groups and growing scholarship on the transnational dimensions of the phenomenon. At the same time, political and law enforcement agencies which have to deal with the issues directly produce operational and policymaking material. The opportunities for the different fields to learn about the others and discuss issues and solutions are relatively rare; this initiative seeks to fill this gap and encourage a dialogue. We particularly invite contributions that relate to one or more of the following themes and which focus on the international dimensions. Papers should present original research and analysis.
  - Debates on defining organized crime in Italy
  - Methodologies for studying TOC and its effects
  - Globalization and ‘liquidity’ of Italian mafia operations
  - Transplantation of foreign groups in Italy
  - Political connections, clientelism and corruption
  - Ties to terrorism
  - Money laundering and the legal economy
  - ‘Gray’ economies
  - Human smuggling and trafficking through and to Italy
  - Art crime, fashion and culture industries
  - Waste removal and disposal
  - Environmental crimes and impacts
  - Drugs routes and markets
  - Fakes and contraband
  - Arms trafficking
  - Legal frameworks, national and international
  - Current policy approaches
  - Italy’s judicial system
  - Enforcement agencies, policing and surveillance
  - Civil society responses
  - The ‘anti-mafia’ economy

The conference will be held in English and Italian. We hope to publish selected papers and are currently seeking a publisher.
Proposals (c. 300 words) are invited from both established and unpublished scholars and practitioners and should be sent to Isabella Clough Marinaro and James Walston at: TOC@aur.edu

Deadline for proposals: 15 December 2011. We will try to reply by 7 January 2012.

Incontro nazionale a Milano

Per il riconoscimento degli studi di genere in Italia
il 12-12-2011dalle 15:00 alle 23:00
Anna Carola Freschi, December 12, 2011

Facendo seguito alla presentazione del documento "Uscire dalla crisi. Per un riconoscimento degli studi di genere in Italia" il 28 Ottobre all'iniziativa Per la sociologia, il 13 Dicembre si terrà a Milano il primo incontro nazionale per definire in che modo procedere rispetto alle dichiarazioni d'intenti espresse nel documento. L'appuntamento è alle ore 15, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, Via del Conservatorio 7, Aula seminari Dipartimento Studi su lavoro e welfare. L'incontro è aperto a tutte e tutti gli interessati.

SSH and the European Research Policy

A petition in support of Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe
dal 09-11-2011 alle 23:00 al 31-12-2015 alle 23:00
Anna Carola Freschi, November 9, 2011

About 14.000 scholars have already signed the Open Letter to the European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, Maire Geoghegan-Quinn   , launched few days ago (28 October) in support of Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe.

"Europe need a large Social Sciences and Humanities centered research programme to tackle its 'Grand Societal Challenges' ".

Un utile confronto interdisciplinare sulla meritocrazia

Critica delle retoriche e metodiche 'meritocratiche' su Meno di Zero
dal 06-11-2011 al 06-11-2015
Anna Carola Freschi, November 6, 2011

Segnaliamo l'uscita di un interessante e ricco numero speciale della nuova rivista on line di critica interdisciplinare Meno di Zero. Rivista dell'università in movimento, su retoriche e 'metodiche' meritocratiche, con riferimento al dibattito sul caso italiano e spunti di più ampio respiro.

Call for papers

Culture and visual forms of power. Experiencing contemporary spaces of resistance
il 15-12-2011dalle 00:00 alle 23:59
October 25, 2011

ISA-TG05: Session C - Culture and visual forms of power. Experiencing contemporary spaces of resistance

August 1-4, 2012. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Second ISA Forum of Sociology - “Social justice and democratization”

This session aims to bring together researchers working on power relations and visual methods. We wish to examine how, in a time of extensive social change, culture is always a space for resistance. While it is inevitable that discourse is a field in which different positions struggle, we are also interested in examining cases where visual sociology is used as action research. At the same time we endeavor to democratize the ways our knowledge and practices are produced and shared. (See the call for papers on the ISA website). For further details please see the webpage:


Please send your proposed paper title and abstract by December 15th, 2011 to the organizers of the session: Jerome Krase - City University of New York (jerrykrase@aol.com) and Lidia Manzo - Trento University (lidia.manzo@soc.unitn.it).