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Monica Sassatelli vince il premio della British Sociological Association

il 21-04-2010 dalle 11:00 alle 15:00
, April 21, 2010

Monica Sassatelli, nostra redattrice e Research Fellow nella School of Law, Politics and Sociology, ha vinto il Philip Abrams Memorial Prize della British Sociological Association (BSA) per il suo primo libro, Becoming Europeans: Cultural identity and cultural policies.

La motivazione ufficiale afferma che "Addressing these two cultural policies is a fascinatingly unusual way to approach the issue of how we might construct a European identity and imagine the boundaries of Europe as a place. The case studies are explored with skill and in rich detail. The study addresses the process of Europeanisation - how we are becoming Europeans - and the discipline of sociology's wider issues of identity, globalisation and culture are woven into this process with great deftness."

A Monica Sassatelli vanno i complimenti e le felicitazioni di tutta la redazione di Sociologica.